Equity and Equality

Equity and Equality are two strategies we can use in an effort to produce fairness. Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful. Equality is treating everyone the same. Equality aims to promote fairness, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same help. – everydayfeminism.com

I have decided to become more interested in National matters and share my views when necessary.


Just recently I have seen a fuss about 2017 budget Allocation for Capital project, although I have decided not to verify the figures and facts, but the comments have spurred me to drop this short note on equality and equity.

If every region is allocated same thing, while it might seem to be fair, there will be no equity. The southern states and some of the western states generate enough to sustain themselves, this cannot be said of most northern states.

Now I do not justify any shady deals that might or might not be involved in the background, but give everyone what he needs to survive, and let him grow the rest with what he has.


I am sure for most parents you do not give all your children the same quantity of material things, you give more attention to your newborn that virtually does nothing than your grown up son, who does almost everything.

Equity, Equality, know the difference, know when each should apply, even in everyday life. Thank you.



To be or not to be – ètre ou ne pas étre?

Is the question we oft ask ourselves when we are alone. We are caught in the middle, in betwixt lifetimes, pathways or careers.

They say they want you to be the best of you, to have the best obtainable when really, sometimes without even knowing, all they want is for you to be out of their hair, or their reputation, their bragging rights.

To say my son is an engineer, my daughter is the doctor, my other boy is an accomplished lawyer, my husband is the Chairman, my girlfriend is the head cheerleader, and when you are not, they compare you to those they think have made it.

They set pedestals so high without minding what you lose getting there, whether your self-esteem, humanity or integrity (for I have seen people do unlikely and dishonorable things just to get a benchmark to please those that gave them the “opportunity”). And of course we wanting to please (whether the girlfriend, parents, guardians, or friends) are constantly in a war, to be who we really want to be and risk failing those we hold dear if they don’t accept it, or be who they want us to be and lead a sad, boring life by our own standards.

To be or not to be is the question we constantly fight to answer. For some of us, whatever our decisions, whatever choice we make, we have seen that to be is not to be,

Oui, etre n’est pas d’etre, for whatever we be, we are not for whomever we choose not to be.

The African Tiger

I had always thought Africa is the big home of all wild cats including the tiger, only recently did I discover that there is virtually no wild tiger in Africa, these wild beauties are Asian natives, and as much as I would love to document and shoot real fierce, wild tigers, I presently lack both the equipment (to Photograph them) and the access to these beauties, So I created my own African tiger, after all, the African culture is often associated with such wildness.

This Too Shall Pass!

When all hopes seems lost and the end you think you see is crystal

When every happening thing suggests you might be cursed

When the tempest rises, and you’re way in above your head

When the storms of life begin to rage like a mad angry man

When the woes and worries seem to be your only faithful companion.

Just at that moment you think you can’t take it anymore, I say to you,

Do not throw in the towel, always remember in times like these that there have always been times like these

Hold on, keep on, be strong, don’t give up.

Your Struggle is an essential part of your story.

This too Shall pass!!

Shades Of Grey!

Black or white,
Black and white,
You’ve got to make a decision
In life there are no shades of gray, it’s either this or that.

You can’t eat your cake and have it, but like I would ask, of what use is a cake that can’t be eaten? Except it is of course, leverage for something much bigger. Whatever it is, you have to choose; to  eat or to trade.

Choose wisely, most times you don’t get a chance to undo what’s been done, at other times it comes with a scar or a price too high.

Choose wisely, it’s gotta be black or white. No shades of grey
Well thank God for Photography, there are maybe around 50 shades all in between black and white.
Muse: @seyishe28

Snow In Nigeria

There was a time when climate change seemed like the only thing on the news, green house effect, depletion of the ozone layer and all that scary stuff. Well, it’s still been talked about in the news, and being a photographer, there was no way I was not gonna do a photoshoot on that, not entirely my plan though, (Jeremiah Katung) had something to do with that.

So reading and studying the much I did on global warming and climate change, I realized as opposed to what I had been thinking, that the warmer the climate, the more storms ( snow, rain, etc) we are likely to have.  How does that even work, well, google has a lot of information on that.

So I imagined, if nothing is done about this issue of global warming, the earth could get warm enough to let it snow here in Nigeria, who knows? So I went into an empty classroom, using a projector screen as a backdrop and powder as snow, I simulated what I think it might look like on a snowy day in Nigeria, well not exactly, but you get my point.