To be or not to be – ètre ou ne pas étre?

Is the question we oft ask ourselves when we are alone. We are caught in the middle, in betwixt lifetimes, pathways or careers.

They say they want you to be the best of you, to have the best obtainable when really, sometimes without even knowing, all they want is for you to be out of their hair, or their reputation, their bragging rights.

To say my son is an engineer, my daughter is the doctor, my other boy is an accomplished lawyer, my husband is the Chairman, my girlfriend is the head cheerleader, and when you are not, they compare you to those they think have made it.

They set pedestals so high without minding what you lose getting there, whether your self-esteem, humanity or integrity (for I have seen people do unlikely and dishonorable things just to get a benchmark to please those that gave them the “opportunity”). And of course we wanting to please (whether the girlfriend, parents, guardians, or friends) are constantly in a war, to be who we really want to be and risk failing those we hold dear if they don’t accept it, or be who they want us to be and lead a sad, boring life by our own standards.

To be or not to be is the question we constantly fight to answer. For some of us, whatever our decisions, whatever choice we make, we have seen that to be is not to be,

Oui, etre n’est pas d’etre, for whatever we be, we are not for whomever we choose not to be.