The African Tiger

I had always thought Africa is the big home of all wild cats including the tiger, only recently did I discover that there is virtually no wild tiger in Africa, these wild beauties are Asian natives, and as much as I would love to document and shoot real fierce, wild tigers, I presently lack both the equipment (to Photograph them) and the access to these beauties, So I created my own African tiger, after all, the African culture is often associated with such wildness.


Shades Of Grey!

Black or white,
Black and white,
You’ve got to make a decision
In life there are no shades of gray, it’s either this or that.

You can’t eat your cake and have it, but like I would ask, of what use is a cake that can’t be eaten? Except it is of course, leverage for something much bigger. Whatever it is, you have to choose; to  eat or to trade.

Choose wisely, most times you don’t get a chance to undo what’s been done, at other times it comes with a scar or a price too high.

Choose wisely, it’s gotta be black or white. No shades of grey
Well thank God for Photography, there are maybe around 50 shades all in between black and white.
Muse: @seyishe28

Snow In Nigeria

There was a time when climate change seemed like the only thing on the news, green house effect, depletion of the ozone layer and all that scary stuff. Well, it’s still been talked about in the news, and being a photographer, there was no way I was not gonna do a photoshoot on that, not entirely my plan though, (Jeremiah Katung) had something to do with that.

So reading and studying the much I did on global warming and climate change, I realized as opposed to what I had been thinking, that the warmer the climate, the more storms ( snow, rain, etc) we are likely to have.  How does that even work, well, google has a lot of information on that.

So I imagined, if nothing is done about this issue of global warming, the earth could get warm enough to let it snow here in Nigeria, who knows? So I went into an empty classroom, using a projector screen as a backdrop and powder as snow, I simulated what I think it might look like on a snowy day in Nigeria, well not exactly, but you get my point.