This Too Shall Pass!

When all hopes seems lost and the end you think you see is crystal

When every happening thing suggests you might be cursed

When the tempest rises, and you’re way in above your head

When the storms of life begin to rage like a mad angry man

When the woes and worries seem to be your only faithful companion.

Just at that moment you think you can’t take it anymore, I say to you,

Do not throw in the towel, always remember in times like these that there have always been times like these

Hold on, keep on, be strong, don’t give up.

Your Struggle is an essential part of your story.

This too Shall pass!!


Shades Of Grey!

Black or white,
Black and white,
You’ve got to make a decision
In life there are no shades of gray, it’s either this or that.

You can’t eat your cake and have it, but like I would ask, of what use is a cake that can’t be eaten? Except it is of course, leverage for something much bigger. Whatever it is, you have to choose; to  eat or to trade.

Choose wisely, most times you don’t get a chance to undo what’s been done, at other times it comes with a scar or a price too high.

Choose wisely, it’s gotta be black or white. No shades of grey
Well thank God for Photography, there are maybe around 50 shades all in between black and white.
Muse: @seyishe28